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986 Bike Rack - BIRD BIKE RACK

I sold my Boxster. I still have my bike rack.

I used this bike rack a lot during the time I owned the car. The system works like this:

* You permanently mount receiving bars underneath the car to the frame to the back of the car (5 bolts). You can see the bars if you look, but they are fairly hidden. You do NOT have so drill anything - the receiver uses existing bolt holes in the car's frame.
* The rack itself slides into the receiving bars when you want to use it.
* There are straps that hold the rack to the trunk.

The rack allows the spoiler and top to work without any interference. The system does a good job protecting the car AND bike. Also, the rack can be folded to allow it to fit in the trunk. This is a nice feature when you want to make it disappear (either before or after a ride).

I recommend this solution.

$300, local pick up in NJ. This would be hard, but not impossible to ship. Let's discuss. If interested please reply to this note (and Private Message me). I don't always see responses if replying to this thread. Thanks.

SOLD - 2002 Boxster S - PSM, Litronics, De-ambered, Bird Bike Rack, Hardtop, RMS leak...

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