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My ROW fun

Originally Posted by Bryan topping View Post
The compensation plates are dictated by the paint codes on the springs. You can find the info in the Bentley manual.
Well, yes, but from my research AND my newly arrived ROW M030 kit from Sunset (Oregon), the compensating ring code colors are all over the place:
1. White =3mm (check, my original white dot S front springs match 3mm rubber), but the new front ROW's have BLUE upper dots! No cross ref, I'm hoping blue is the new white, as 3mm front rings are the only ones normally stocked (Pelican etc).
2. Green= 6mm (check, my original green dot S rear springs match the fat rear rubber, and the new ROW rears), but on this forum I've see white and green tops on the same application rear springs.
Also: I don't know what Suncoast is bundling, but read this from Sunset:
"The ROW M030 kit for a Boxster S with a manual transmission has been discontinued through Porsche. They do still have the ROW M030 kit for the Boxster S with an automatic transmission. The only difference is the rear springs and they have been known to fit on a Boxster S with a manual transmission. Or you could get this kit and purchase the additional springs separately. Then you would have 2 sets of rear springs." (Note Tip cars are 100 pounds heavier in the rear).

That's what I did: the separate S manual rear springs are RED/SILVER 986-333-531-30 (not RED/RED). BTW that matches the Pelican part # and color for ROW M030. Fronts are RED/YELLOW.

The 986-333-531-11 RED/RED rear springs shown in another recent post are NON-S springs according to the knowledgeable folks at Sunset.

Regardless, the install is doable, but arduous. Ignore the "hack" method frequently ref'd, go with Wayne's (Pelican) method. The fronts only require loose control arm pivot bolts, disconnect upper struts (duh) and sway bar, leave he rotors on, and the struts pull out from under the fender .

The rears require dislocating the hub from everything (but NOT the ball joint) including the CV's, lay the assy down, and struts pull out and from under the fenders.
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