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Originally Posted by insatiable
During the 1900km. return trip after purchasing my 03 Box. ( has 18" wheels,Cont. Tyres, and 15000kms. on clock) I had to drive on some roughish "black top" outback roads. The car ride was rough in the extreme but worse the steering at 100 to 140kph. was being deflected by the road surface due I suspect to the suspension not yielding enough. It was very uncomfortable and at times bordering on dangerous.
I checked tyre press. and they were cold, F.29 & rear 36. psi.
There will be many times on these sort of roads so I was wondering if it is possible to reset the suspension or would going to 16" make an appreciable difference. This option would have to yield a real benefit as I would have to buy a full 16" set.
Incidently I have driven these roads in other cars and although rough they have handled it well but I do understand the Box will have a much firmer ride.
Cheers all!


On a really rough road, you can get some Tramlining with Wheels as large as 18". Will 16" Wheels be better? - Yes. A Narrower Aspect Ratio Tire will also help. Will they be much better?...??? Realize, a Car's ride is really pretty much subjective, what one may think rough might not concern another.

But, understand that a Boxster, or pretty much any Performance Car for that matter, is designed to run on proper, well kept, Paved Roads. They are designed to transmit lots of Feedback to the Driver.

If you drive it on Unimproved Roads, Ride Quality is bound to suffer. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but there it is. They weren't made for the Outback Mate...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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