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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
I was advised to remove the MAF harness from the MAF and see if I could get other codes to pop up besides the O2 sensor codes. Codes P0102 and P0112 came up, and not the O2 sensor codes. Sounds like my MAF has gone bad.


Those two Codes are exactly what you Should Get when disconnecting the MAF, that would not be abnormal.

It reports an Open Circuit which indicates that there is no MAF hooked to the System. The MAF would definitely be Bad if you had it connected and still got those two codes.

You may still have an underfunctioning MAF, but those Codes alone don't justify replacement, especially at $200+. Try to drive the Car a day or so and see how it behaves...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

PS Was this Test with the Car running? The OČ Sensors have to be up to Temp to test them.

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