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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Well my car has 53k on it now with the original MAF so ordering a entirely new unit has crossed my mind before as I know they tend to fail in Boxsters. I will give Suncoast a call tommorow but I do not think they can beat $246.77 per MAF(non e-gas) from Arizona Auto. I will not let the RPMs build up for awhile till I can find out what going on for sure. MNBoxster as far as you know all indications point to the MAF correct, and not the oxygen sensors or what else could trigger those codes?

Well, the only codes you're pulling are OČ codes. The MAF Codes for the Bosche M 5.2.2 are P0102 (short to Ground - upper limit - Rich mixture threshold).

Now a malfunctioning MAF will cause problems downstream with, and possibly trigger, the OČ sensors. There's some history of this.

The difficulty is that we don't have the resistance values for the OČ sensors and so these are not easily checked.

MAF sensors do fail somewhat notoriously, especially the early ones. But, so do OČ sensors (although with less frequency, but at 50k mi., anything could happen) and these can cause real drivability issues with the values they send to the DME.

One could easily misdiagnose one as the other, especially with all the recent chat about faulty MAFs and K&N Filters. But, the odds of both Banks of OČ Sensors going at the same time is unlikely, very unlikely. I'm still thinking MAF.

Check the MAF Seal as I suggested, disconnect the battery, try to reset again with your tool, and then reassess. It could be as simple as your Actron not being able to reset the fault - we already know it does not have all the proper codes for M 5.2.2. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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