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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
I am using my Actron OBD II Pocketscan. I ran it again and it read P1123 and P1125 again. I have the radio code and will disconnect the battery in the morning and drive it for awhile and see what happens.

Interesting about the Actron. It would seem to have incorrect codes for Bosche DME M 5.2.2 -'97-'99, or is coded specifically for Bosche DME ME 7.2 - '00-'06.

There is no P1123 Fault Code for Bosche DME M 5.2.2, but there is a P1123 for Bosche DME ME 7.2 which reads as: OČ Sensing, area 1 cylinders 1-3, but the corresponding code for Bosche M 5.2.2 is P1125 which reads as : Oxygen sensing adaptation, upper load range, cylinders 1-3. Code P1132 for Bosche DME M 5.2.2 reads as: Oxygen sensing adaptation, upper load range, cylinders 4-6.

Assuming that a bad MAF would trigger an OČ Fault Code, it should trigger both cylinder banks 1-3, 4-6 simultaneously, and you are getting two codes, albeit improper ones.

If Battery disconnection doesn't clear the fault, you may have a Failed, rather than Contaminated MAF Sensor. It may also be possible that you didn't properly seat the MAF Seal and it's leaking Air, similar to the Doughnuts on my old Europa. There's some merit to my reasoning about the seal, because when you add Air without adding more Fuel, you run Lean. If the MAF is sensing the Air passing past it and signalling this to the DME, and then additional Air is introduced which the DME does not know about, it meters the Fuel based on a lesser quantity of Air and you're running Lean.

You want to stay with this until solved because a bad A/F mixture can cause all sorts of issues, especially if running Lean. I once had a Lotus Europa which used Rubber Doughnuts as insulators for the Carbs to keep engine vibration from foaming the Fuel in the Float Bowls. I was tracking the Car and didn't realize that one of these was leaking, adding Air which the Carb didn't compensate for - my Buddy had leaned on the Carbs when helping me time the motor and accidentally pinched the Doughnut to where it broke it's seal. The Mixture ran so Lean that I burned a hole in my #3 Piston in about 6 Laps (and these were Steel Pistons, not the Alloy ones used in the Boxster).

A Car will usually run best when running Lean, so I am concerned by your comments about how well the Car is running. Avoid running it excessively hard until you get this sorted. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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