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Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Well a couple of weeks ago my CEL came on and it read P1123 and P1125 and I cleared it with my OBD II Reader. During the time the light was on the car would hesitate eveyr once and awhile when I gun it. I was advised to clean the MAF which I did and the hesitation hasn't happened since. 55 Miles later the CEL light comes on with P1123 and P1125 again,but the throttle response is the best it has been with no hesitation at all. Is it normal for the CEL light to come on again with the same codes? Should I clear it or take it to a pro shop to deal with it?

How are you retrieving the Codes? Are you using a Digital Readout or counting the Flashes? What scanner are you using? Are you certain there's not a typo in your post?

The reason I ask is that P1123 is not a valid DTC Code for the Bosche DME 5.2.2 - '97-'99.

I suspect your DTC Codes are P1125 and P1132. These are upper Range load OČ Sensor Fault Codes.

They may not have been properly reset the first time, or may actually be faulty. In any event, both Codes signify a possible Lean Condition on each Bank and that's not a good thing.

The mileage you achieved since cleaning the MAF means little. The DME will not send a MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light - pretty much same as CEL) until it has stored the same Fault in two consecutive Complete Drive Cycles.

A Drive Cycle is a set of Parameters of Vehicle Speed, Engine (Oil ) Temperature and Time and must be met before a MIL is indicated. A Generic Federal OBDII Drive Cycle states the Vehicle must Start Cold and Idle for 2min. 10sec., then Accelerate to 20-30MPH and hold steady for approx. 3min. 15sec., then Accelerate to 40-60MPH and remain steady for approx. 15min., then Decelerate and come to a Complete Stop and Idle for approx. 5 min. Porsche's Proprietary Drive Cycle will be EXTREMELY similar - BY LAW! If a second Complete Drive Cycle is not completed, the fault will remain stored until a 3rd Drive Cycle is completed. This may be waived as it is a possible Emissions Fault.

In addition to this, the Bosche 5.2.2 contains Diagnostic Montior Software which monitors Signals from, and operation of, various Components. It uses 3 criteria to determine whether the component is at fault. These are: a.) Short to Ground, b.) Short to Battery + and c.) Component Missing or not functioning (Open Circuit). The DTC Codes you claim indicate these criteria being met. So, while the MAF may be masking their symptoms, you may actually have faults in these components too (possible, but too coincidental for me to believe it).

My recommendation would be to disconnect the Battery for 5 min. (Have your Radio Code and disconnect the Neg. (-) Terminal 1st), then reattach the Battery. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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