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Originally Posted by woodsman View Post
Of all the parts spoken of, the strut bearings are the most likely to be worn. The bearings are tiny and carry the weight of each corner. They also affect the world-class steering of our cars. I paid around $20 each at Suncoast Porsche. I just installed the ROW M030 kit on my car and it had half the mileage of yours. The only other worn parts were the anti-roll BARS. The bushings wore a bit of the metal away so they're worth changing out! You're in for quite a treat once you start driving your car again.
by bearing, they are only for the front struts, correct. purchased a pair along with M030 suspension kit. cost was 74 per 2.
RoW M030 comes with swaybars and bushings for them.
thanks for the tip
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