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Originally Posted by asnigro
"...but not as boring as the Boxster S"

I hope to one day achieve this state of mind!
He has nothing but good things to say about the BoxsterS but this was a guy who really pushed the BoxsterS hard and having seen the GT3 up close at our PCA Autocross events is it easy to see how any car would be boring to drive next to the 996 GT3 MKII. The car is a beast! and completely impossible for frequent use on public roads. Even at a bumpy Autocross course with a steep grade on the back half, the GT3 undercarriage takes a beating (and the passengers!).

The BoxsterS over a lap is boring in the sense that it is soooo predictable, precise and forgiving. Some purists think the 911 and Boxster are too heavy and over engineered. The GT3 is the anti-Porsche nowadays if you will.

I guess the CaymanS is somewhere in between. Although I don't like the sounds of feeling like your in a big cabin when your working the wheel. I love coupe's that feel like cozy racing cars I mean when you REALLY drive it.
Can't wait to hear it in 2nd gear at 7K RPM's. My old friend is trading in a 645 for it.
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