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Originally Posted by Kenny Boxster View Post
It depends on what your applications are. If you are just content with the m030 set, you need nothing else. However, you may find some dust boots ripped, worn control arm, bushings etc. While you're in there, it would be a good idea to replace some items, however I just went and replaced my struts & springs.
I used these instructions, and they are pretty good.

Boxster Hacks and Instructions
shocks are long overdue maintenance.. 135K miles. the car is my daily drive and some fun mountain drive.,. nothing more.

M030 was the least expensive way to go using Porsche new parts.

i noticed one ripped boot (i think the catalog calls this the bellows) so dust boot x 4
how about the additional rubber bumper on the strut shaft by the upper mount?

as for top mount and bearing with housing... what should I look for that will indicate replacement$$$

lower control arms were replaced as well as the swaybar drop links. did not "feel" any looseness on the lower arm or other parts of the suspension. did visual only
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