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Originally Posted by Dr.Strangepork View Post
I have tried running my car with the muffler disconnected. It's louder than hell and sounds like crap. With my aftermarket straight through muffler, it's just the right loudness and sounds great

The Boxster's exhaust piping is an oddball size so you can't actually fit any stock size CC inserts in there. I think it's somewhere between 1.75" and 2". I tried 2" CC inserts and they wouldn't fit.
I just installed these in my if I could just get it to start I'd tell you how it sounds.

By the way I was basically running straight pipes, headers, no cats, eBay glass pack and it was way way too loud. And I like loud cars but this was to much. It was great for idling and drivin slow by to couldn't step on it with out feeling like a total dick
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