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Originally Posted by MikenOH
Just out of curiousity, how'd you decide on a Boxster vs. a rice burner of some sort? I ask since I see kids around here gravitating to either Hondas on Nitrous, Neon SRT or WRXs.
I drove ALOT of cars and was able to be passenger in many cars on my quest to finding the "perfect match". I considered Z3s(3.0),TTs,80s 911s,A4s,Ferrari 308s,3 Series BMW and finally the Boxster. If you have not noticed I decided right away that whatever I bought was going to be European. I wanted to buy something that I would not regret a year or two later and would have handling,speed and braking from the get go. All of the cars on my list were nice and I put alot of thought into each and every one,but there was something about the Boxster that screamed "We were meant for each other". It was a perfect match,Im 18, no kids(no need for a sedan) and should be worried about having fun at my age. The car has it all,more then enough speed for me,handling that I will never use to its fullest potential and braking that I will hopefully never have to use to avoid a accident. 3 months later,I still love the car and it still manages to put a **************** faced grin on my face everytime I start it up.
P.S. bmussatti,regarding class at a young age. Thank You, every once in awhile Iam told that because of my car and the music I listen to(Phil Collins,Sade and I mix in Kenny G).
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