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First Trip to Road America

Last week I went with the Nord Stern PCA chapter to Road America for the first time. What an incredible track. I'd been to our "local" track at Brainerd twice before, but I've got to say that RA is in a completely different league. It's a *beautiful* setting. Even if there weren't a track there, the scenery is amazing with the rolling kettle moraine landscape. I can only imagine how breathtaking it must be in the fall.

The days we were there, it was *hot*. Well over 90F both days. My little Boxster held up like a champ, though. Engine temps were a bit hotter than normal while on the track, but immediately cooled down after a session was done.

You can find some video here:
Nord Stern PCA Cheese Fling 2013 - 2nd Afternoon Session Jul 16 - YouTube (Part 1)
Nord Stern PCA Cheese Fling 2013 - 2nd Afternoon Session Jul 16 Part 2 - YouTube (Part 2)

I ran with the Novice group, as this was my 3rd DE overall, and my first at RA. Even though I'm running a 1st gen Boxster (1999), I think I could have run with the Intermediate group, as I was routinely passing cars I really had no business passing, or even keeping up with.

My best lap time of the week was 3:04. I timed a spec Boxster running in group 3 (Experienced), and he was running a 2:55, so I think I did pretty well. The data I got from my QStarz GPS/datalogger is pretty noisy - I can guarantee you I'm not doing 40 mph in the Carousel (more like 70-75), nor am I doing 129 through The Kink (more like 90). So take the heads-up display on the video with a grain of salt.

If ANY of you have the opportunity to make it out to Road America, do it!! It was well worth the trip.
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