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P0130 cheap oxygen sensor replacement plug and play

Have had a check engine light on my 2001 for awhile now. Finally hooked up the code reader and the fault code was a P0130.

Searched around for O2 sensor options and found these:

15182 98660612701 00 01 02 Porsche Oxygen Sensor O2 Boxster 2.7L / 3.2L

Ordered a pair (yes I know P0130 is bank 1 sensor only but I decided to replace both pre cat sensors anyway) and got both delivered for $177. When they came in, I went to QwikCar (I don't have a lift at home and didn't feel like bothering with the jack), showed the guy there where tney were located and got them installed for $20 total. Total cost to replace two sensors $197 I cleared the fault code with the code reader and all is well. Car has since passed Texas inspection.

Sensors were plug and play. Great deal. No affiliation at all with seller, just a happy customer especially after the Porsche dealer wanted almost $400 to replace ONE.

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