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Cayman test day

I also received an invitation in the mail. It was yesterday at Porsche of Oakland. They had two black/black Caymans available for test drives - with a salesperson, on a short loop through Oakland and on the freeway (highway 24). The Cayman promises to be one heck of a car - better than my 2001 Boxster and better than several 996s I've driven. Clutch engagement is very smooth and gradual, almost impossible to stall. Shifting is buttery smooth. Steering seems to be to be a little over boosted compared to my Boxster but is just as precise. Suspension seems to be the same as standard Boxster (on city streets) but more supple on small, sharp bumps. The view from the cockpit is about the same as the Boxster with the top up. Needless to say it is more rigid and quieter. Since the car had only 11 miles on it I didn't take the engine much over 3,500. However, while at 70 MPH a slight poke on the gas in 6th gear resulted in an immediate push from the seatback - good torque and throttle response. noise quality and level in the cockpit is about the same as the Boxster although the exhaust is somewhat louder, about like a 987.

Build quality looks good. The only downside I saw was the snap-up cover over the cup holders just above the glove box. It did not align with one side of the dash trim. This was one one Cayman. The piece on the other Cayman was OK.
Dan, 2002 C2 Black/Tan
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