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Cayman invite...

After returning from a drive in the Box yesterday, I went out to the mailbox to get my mail. There was a rather cool looking black envelope with my name handwritten in silver. I flip it over and it says PORSCHE in embossed lettering along with an embossed crest. Hmmm..I'm thinking, I wonder what this is?

It's an invite on January 27 to the local "VIP launch" of the Cayman S. I'm not a member of the Porsche club, and I didn't buy my Box at this dealer (Woodhouse, in Omaha), but I have had all my service work done there (and they do a really great job, at a very reasonable price, I must say), so I assume that's why I got it.

I'm thrilled. I'll never be able to afford a new Cayman, or any other new Porsche, for that matter, but I'm sure excited about getting to see one. Even my wife is excited about it.

I'll report back after I go.

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