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Originally Posted by Tony W
I have a 2003 model Boxter S (right hand drive cause I drive in Australia) an the drivers side wiper is approx 1/2 an inch too long. As a result it scrapes over the rubber windsceen trim leaving a mark.
Is this normal, if so seems a design fault. Does anyone know of a fix?


Sounds as if it could be one of two things:

First - Check to see that in the OFF position, the Wiper Arm is properly set. When OFF, the distance from the Wiper Blade Tip to the lower edge of the Windscreen should be: 12mm for the Right Blade and 25mm for the Left Blade. If these are not the spacing you have, you need to adjust the position of the Wiper Arm on the Shaft. This is accomplished by removing the Plastic Plug covering the Mounting Nut, removing the Mounting Nut, Marking a reference point (such as on the Windscreen w/ a Crayon or washable Marker), Lift off Wiper Arm and reposition so that you have the proper spacing between the Blade Tip and the lower edge of the Windscreen, then reinstall the Mounting Nut and tighten to 17Nm (13 ft.lbs.).

Second - The Wipers on the Boxster are not symetrical, they are different size. The Right Wiper Blade is Longer than the Left by design. Be sure that someone did not buy a wrong sized Replacement Blade.

Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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