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I bought an 01' a bit over a year ago with 13k miles and last year spent around 3k in 'extra' repairs, but on the other hand I got the car with 13k miles for $20k less than the original sticker. So who am I to complain? I went through the same thoughts about getting rid of it, but my goal is to pay it off and purchase a more care free car. Considering you have under 30k miles on it, I assume you have the same goal. The thing that kept me from selling it 6 months ago (when I was feeling how you are) is the fact that I know, if I sold it, 10 years from now I would be absolutely kicking myself.

I love Porschev's idea of getting the service manual. The turning point for me was when my shift cable broke, leaveing me stuck on the side of the road watching '94 miata's drive by. Searching this forum I found out how to pull apart the center console and I fixed the problem for about 50 bucks (vs. 300 at a dealer). Ever since, in a strange way, I feel much more attached to the car. I have also fixed a few other minor issues, saving in the range of 500 bucks.

These cars will have more than average problems with them, no doubt, but that is not why you bought the car. You own a Porsche because you are a passionate driver. Right now you are this forums equivilant of a teenager calling a suicide hotline. People who call suicide hotlines don't really want to kill themselves, they just want to know they are not alone. You my friend, are not alone.
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