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Couple of nagging issues

I have several things going on with my Boxster, nothing show stopping but never the less, annoying. I thought I would post them all on one thread, instead of several threads in hopes someone would spot the same issues.

1. My Tiptronic will go into “Manuel mode” automatically, only sometimes, not all the time, for no apparent reason, Always when taking off from a stop sign. Scary thing is, I will not notice it until the RPM’s hit 6k and I’m thinking “Shouldn’t it be shifting by now?” and then notice the LED in the “M” position and then go into “Rapid tip thumb mode”.

2. In the cold morning, when backing down the driveway, I will here a lurching motion seemingly coming from the front of the car. Sounds like a four wheel drive truck! Goes away immediately after shifting in forwards. Never to return until the next morning, but only when cold.

3. My “Mute” functionality on my stereo will go into siesta mode for a week at a time, then magically reappear with me doing nothing? Is there a setting I hit that makes it go away with out knowing?

Would appreciate input on any and all

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