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if you go for a 987 go for the 987.2. Otherwise get a good deal a 986 S.

and definitely get a leak down test of the 986 S if you do opt for a garage queen.
Low mileage cars have their own issues. Very expensive ones.

Get a second set of wheels with full snow tires if you plan to drive year round. Run them after Turkey day until Spring. All season tires are an adequate compromise in a sedan but for
a sports car of this caliber of handling, it should have summer tires in the summer. Otherwise its like wearing workboots to a black tie wedding. What's the point....
And for safety in winter over ice patches, you should have a proper winter tire. It doesnt take very much of a drifting curb slapper at speed to do a great deal of damage (total loss).
I'm wholly umimpressed with all season tire performance over ice. Snow is marginal, as long as its under 1" of accumulation. Winter tires do both splendidly in this car.
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