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no brainer, go with Car A - 2002 Boxster S, 30K miles, babied and garaged --> 19K $$

Get the price down to $18Kcash.

the 05 has too much baggage, you will lose the shirt off your back with that car.
After 1 year, you would have put 20k miles on bringing it to 100k, then you are going to sell it, for how much? I realize there's a newer engine in there with 50k miles but try explaining all of that to the buyer if he hasn't walked away yet. No one with money will buy it with those miles and baggage history. + new tires and cost to repair dents puts it over the top?
just saying... do what you think is best for you but do the cost benefit analysis.

Originally Posted by Elixir1305 View Post
Which one is more bang for the buck? Plan to keep the car for 1 year or so.

Car A - 2002 Boxster S, 30K miles, babied and garaged --> 19K $$

Car B - 2005 Boxster, 80K miles (Engine changed at 60K miles because of the IMF/RMS issue to a boxster S, replacement engine had 50K miles on it), some cosmetic damages(hail marks on the front) and may need a set of tires --> 15K $$

Which one is a better bang for the buck? Plan to be a daily driver with 8-10K mil/yr.
I have not gotten a PPI on either of them yet. PPI is 300$ -400$ at the dealership trying to decide which one I should go after first.

Any input??

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