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What would you buy??

Which one is more bang for the buck? Plan to keep the car for 1 year or so.

Car A - 2002 Boxster S, 30K miles, babied and garaged --> 19K $$

Car B - 2005 Boxster, 80K miles (Engine changed at 60K miles because of the IMF/RMS issue to a boxster S, replacement engine had 50K miles on it), some cosmetic damages(hail marks on the front) and may need a set of tires --> 15K $$

Which one is a better bang for the buck? Plan to be a daily driver with 8-10K mil/yr.
I have not gotten a PPI on either of them yet. PPI is 300$ -400$ at the dealership trying to decide which one I should go after first.

Any input??
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