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Problem to start the engine

Hi everybody,

I am from Austria, Europe. My English in note my first language... Sorry for the mistakes I can do.

Since 7 months, I have the pleasure to be the owner of a 986 S 3.2, year 2004 (last year of the 986 generation), my first Porsche. This car is an American one, delivered brand new in the USA in April 2004, and was imported to Austria 4 years ago by the previous owner.

The car is really nice and a pleasure to drive, specially on the little roads, with a lot of turns.

The only strange thing I pointed till now is the following one:

Since the beginning, it takes time to start the engine, principally when the engine is cold. First, the system measures the oïl level; fine. But after that, nothing. I must try again and again, sometimes during some minutes, and then suddenly, the engine starts. But now, it is worse and worse: yesterday, I must wait 40 minutes till the engine starts! But when the engine is on, there is no problem, and it does the job normally.

I do not understand this strange situation. Do you have an idea of the reasons? Do you think this could be linked with the level of oïl (I must soon add some oïl)?

Thank you in advance, and "bravo" for this site, which is full of passion and information.

Best regards
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