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Originally Posted by darrin View Post
Oh well, guess i'm stuck with it for now. But I'll probably start planning in the back of my head what I would do should I lose the engine.

Stuck with the Boxster??? It could be a lot worse.

Relax on the RMS. RMS is just a slow leak in the seal between the engine and gear box. You can look under the car and see the telltale drip. For the most part, if you are diligent about checking your oil, this really isn't a big deal.

The IMS is a different animal. Its the bearing deep in the engine. If it fails, the engine will be a total loss. The results of a class action lawsuit were recently published. They detail whether the engines of this era have a "single row" or "dual row" IMS. The failure rate varies dramatically between the design (from "less than 1%" to something like "10%"). Do some research and make a rational decision on how to treat the IMS.

I have elected to take no action on my IMS. I feel the cost of upgrading it is not worth the value of the car. Others have done an upgrade (along with a clutch and RMS). I've already gotten 65K miles from my car and if it died tomorrow it wouldn't effect my lifestyle.

Good luck with your car. Once I got mine sorted, I have found my Boxster to be a reliable daily driver for the past 6 years.

SOLD - 2002 Boxster S - PSM, Litronics, De-ambered, Bird Bike Rack, Hardtop, RMS leak...
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