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my new used boxster, what to do?

Hello all. I am new here as I just purchased an 02 Boxster base model. It has 100,000 miles on it. I was looking to get some opinions.
1. It has the loud clunking noise from the rear left at low speeds over bumpy roads and also when i push in on the clutch shifting out of 1st gear. I assume the track arms need replaced. It is hard to tell from under the car. I can't seem to duplicate the noise from underneath. If anyone has a good way to diagnose this, I will appreciate it. It has new trans and motor mounts. sway bar fittings are tight. The driver side lower control arm ball joint boot is cracked but not split. Both passenger side drop links have split boots as do both front tie rod ends. I can't really determine the wheel bearing status. The wheels turn pretty smoothly with the only noticeable friction being from the brake pads sliding across the rotors

Having this many miles on it, would it be recommended that I go ahead and replace the lower control arms with some vertex units while I am replacing the track arms? How about the wheel bearings?

I have heard that the water pump should be changed at 50K. Since I don't know if it has been replaced before, and I am about to flush the coolant (for the same reason), and I wouldn't really mind putting in a 160 thermostat, should I be safe and go ahead and replace the water pump as well?

Any help will be appreciated as I hope to order parts tomorrow.
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