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Need help with an oil change spill

When I am not stranded, I will do more searching than the couple searches I have done. For right now, I am a new owner with a new-to-me 2002 S with 116k. I had put a 1/2 quart of oil in when I brought it home, so I have been able to add oil normally. Since then the only things new that I can think of are that I have put the roof in service position twice and when I was first filling tonight the car was still jacked up on the drivers side from when i drained it. Here is what happened:

Tonight after I drained all of the oil out, I closed it up and started to fill it with oil. It seems to go straight down to the ground. I went down to watch while my son poured some and it came straight down the passenger side. It was not leaking from the drain hole nor the filter canister.

I looked down the fill hole and the tube curves toward the front. I can't see what is wrong nor understand why it became a problem.

Please help.

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