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First of all Kyle, welcome to the forum! If there are no oil leaks, then I don't see how it can be the IMS or the RMS, so don't panic! However, 2003S is correct, you should get a good Porsche mechanic to do a PPI (in your case, that would be post purchase inspection). If you have not changed the oil, then change it and cut open the filter to check for metal/plastic particles. I would also purchase a magnetic drain plug at Pelican. If the pads have been replaced, I agree that the pad sensors are probably the cause of the brake wear indicator light remaining on - if it doesn't bother you, you can always wait and replace them during the next brake job (the parts are not inexpensive). 2003S is also correct, you are probably better off replacing the entire top (and there are various threads on the subject and tops available on ebay at very low costs). Professional installation will likely be as much or more than the top, although many here have replaced the tops themselves. When you say that there is "something to do with the top", what do you mean? Again, there are various threads on the topic. If it occasionally refuses to go up and down, it is likely just a microswitch - the one on the emergency brake being a common problem. Check to ensure that the emergency brake light goes on when it is deployed as otherwise, the top will not function.

Good luck and enjoy the new ride!

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