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Just got my 2000 boxster S, bought it from a small dealer that new nothing about the car. Has a few problems (but got the car for $11,000 crazy low for an S so i dont mind) ill need some help fixing as ill try fixing as much as i can by myself.

The rear window is badly cracked. I realize itll cost around $400 to fix it, but id like to know how much more itd cost in the end to convert it to glass, so itd last longer. Either that or is there any othertype of plastic that lasts longer? And how much more is it?

Theres also a minor oil leak. No oil dripping but i can smell it. The only problem is im not sure how toget to the engine so i can try to locate what exactly is leaking. I know theres something to do with the top but i dont want to break anything trying to find out.

Also the brake wear light is on but all the brake pads are new. How difficult is if to fix it?

Thats all i can think of for now. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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