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I sent you a PM earlier.

Originally Posted by Elixir1305 View Post
Thanks Guys, This is very very useful.

- BD Boxster - could you please recommend a mechanic shop near by.
- What would be a reasonable price for a 2003 with 70K or 2005 with 90K miles - both Pvt party and Dealer.KBB always quotes high so not sure.
- Apart from carfax what are other ways to research the VIN ?
- Is there a schedule of landmark maintenance's - like 30K mark, 60K mark etc. I know on my BMW - brake pads needs replacement around 50K, the tires are good for 25-30K on an avg etc. g
I have not found a good list of landmark maintenance schedule yet.
- I have often been quoted, that porsche is overall more reliable than other german cars and also costs less to maintain. Is that the general consensus?

Thanks guys. I am hoping to buy within a week and cannot wait.
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