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2003/ 2005 Boxster

Hi Guys,

Hey guys,

I am considering buying a used Boxster and need your input to help with my dilemma.

I currently have a BMW 335xi on lease that I need to return in a few weeks. I am a regular user - 8-9000 miles/yr and don't drive like a madman but do like the occasional rev from a traffic light etc. I live just north of NYC and roads are fairly well kept in the winter.

I am planning to buy a used Boxster as my primary car once I return my leases car. I was thinking of a 2003 to 2005 car with 50-70k miles for a year. It is the only ones that are coming in my budget of 14-16K (wife going back to school so finances are kind of tight now), AND THIS IS THE TIME FOR MY FIRST PORSCHE !!

1. how reliable is a 2003 to 2005 boxster with 50-70K miles or so ? Don't want to spend my time in the workshop every week.
2. What are the things I should ask the seller/ look into when I buy the car? Potential problems?
3. I am considering a roadster? How crazy is that to be your primary vehicle in the snow of ny? My building has a covered garage but at work it will be open parking.
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY - Should I buy a 2003 with 50K miles or 2005(cosmetic changes with a diff engine) with 90K miles ??

I know some of these questions may be redundant in this forum but any help would be appreciated !!!
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