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1) Replace the e-brake and be done with this one. Do you keep the car outside year round? Sounds as if heat, sun, and humidity took its toll on this one.

2)Forget the tether on the gas cap. No biggy. My '00S doesn't have a tether and I didn't even know they had one. Just place the cap between the windshield wiper and plastic cowl when fueling.

3)Window cracking is pretty normal...especially with how these tops fold. Did you "chop" it religiously while lowering the top? Some people do disagree with the benefit of "chopping", but as you lower the window you can really see how stressed it becomes before it finishes its fold down. Only if its 85 degrees and up do I not "chop" it since the window is so pliable at this point.

4)Being so low to the ground you can only expect to encounter chips as you did. I have my bumper re-painted yearly since I do drive my car year round (even in Chicago's winter). Your's being black only adds to being able to notice all of the imperfections.

5)Besides my now gone Honda Accord...this has been the most mechanically reliable car I have owned. I didn't expect this going in mind you. All of your problems seem to be on the cosmetic side. Fix these, keep the car and drive it as it was meant and it will reward you with great reliability.
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