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This is one of the more interesting posts I've read since I first visited this site a year ago.
Basically I'll say this: A Porsche owner in the mid 80's and early 90's would have murdered people to only have the problems you have experienced. For a boutique automaker they are minimal. Sorry to hear about your dealer hassles, how far are in FL are you from Brumos Porsche? That's rated as the best Porsche dealership in the country.

Its good that you are staying on top of your maintenance as that will prevent most of the problems you may encounter. All convertible tops have to be replaced eventualy. So my advice is to get one of the GAHH glass tops and cover it daily with a a softop cover. Spray it with Raggtopp.

As for your paint Get some 3M rubbuing compound for dark cars, follow with 3M swirl remover and finish with the 3M hand glaze. If you can get your hands on a Porter Cable polisher you can dramtically bring back the paint finish.

The chips can be repaired also. Call Tower Paint and give them your VIN# and you can get a spray can of the exact color black. Get some 600 grit sand paper from an auto parts store and take looseleaf hole punch and cut out a small piece of the sand paper and glue it to the top of the pencil eraser. Press the sand paper against the paint chip and turn it slowly to even out the chip. Use some paint thiner to remove dirt and crud from the chip before using the paint. Dip the top of a pen or needle into some of you color matched paint and drop a tiny bit of the paint into each chip. Once it cures sand down the filled in chips with some 800 grit sand paper to even out the surface. Follow up with the 3M Rubbing Compound and swirl remover. Again a Porter Cable orbital polisher can do wonders on chip repair. Black is an easy color to fix chips. Silver not so easy.

And use Meguairs NXT weekly. I don't advocate their products usually but the NXT is excellent for hiding swirls on black. Use Sonus Der Wunder ( polishing towels and AVOID auto store microfiber towels which are nothing more than janitorial towels at much higher cost. On Black cars you want to avoid using Microfiber with split ends, stick with looped ends. Also do most of your post wax, and daily buffing with a dedicated Buffing towel like the Meguiar's gold class (ooops another plug).
On you black plastic interior and dash try Klasse VLRP. The best detailing product I use. Also try the Klasse All In One and Klasse Sealant Glaze once you have restored the paint.
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