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Sorry to hear about the problems nagging you right now. I know how that stuff can drive one crazy

It seems that the issues your having are not that out of the ordinary for any car that age. Mostly plastic related.

Even though you have low miles on the car it is still four years old. I have yet to see a plastic rear window on any make/model not look like crap after 2 yrs. At 4 yrs I guess not too surprising that it needs replacing.

I would be pissed about the dealer service though. Having owned other upscale vehicles I am always surprised to hear the service related horror stories. Never had that kind of service with other German makers ( haven't personally had that type of service with Porsche either ).

Based on the other posts you can find here I think it is not unreasonable to expect some real mechanically problems at some point in the future. Be it ignition, top related, MAF, or oil/coolant leaks. These seem to be the common problems as the cars age.
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