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Originally Posted by 01SBox View Post
I'd like to get the clutch done, and have the ims upgrade in my new-to-me 03 S...Jake Raby would be my first choice, but he's a tad far out there, and I hear he's booked solid for the next 12 years.

Anyone have any suggestions for the metro atlanta area?

I have cars here from 2,700 miles away, so its never too far to travel for specialized work.

We have some "holes" in the schedule that are engineered in, we have a couple of those in the middle of July after we return from summer shutdown.

Our schedule for engine reconstruction may be booked solid 8 months in advance, but that schedule does not impact the other services that we offer as they have an entirely different schedule.

Or at least I'd check to see who they would send you to for the IMS Solution.
We are the only IMS Solution Certified Installer in the entire southeast USA. We have kits on the shelf, as we invented and developed the technology from scratch. Last I heard our distributor was out of stock already (they lasted 2.5 weeks) and we won't be done with the next run for 16 weeks.

If you want the Solution, just come to the place where it was conceived.
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