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I went to my local UPS store.
They measured the tires on my Boxster (same size, just different style OEM wheels).
UPS quoted me $154.00 to ship the wheels/tires to you in North Carolina. The clerk used a zip code for Fairmont, NC (the clerk is from the Ft Bragg area). The clerk stated the price will be about the same for anywhere in the state.
He can put two wheels/tires in a box. It is $77.00 per box as long as the total weight of the box is no more than 75 lbs.

If you still want the them (thats $404.00 total), I can have them shipped this weekend.

If you want, I can check to see what Greyhound charges. It has got to be cheaper. I will still place them in two boxes with bubble wrap and well labeled.

If not, 911 Lurker they are all yours.

Either way, I'm off to buy wheel & tire cleaner. I refuse to ship filthy tires/wheels.

Standing by

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