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My best guesses....

Looking at picture 2 from a few weeks ago, it's likely that both the RMS and IMS bearing were leaking. IMHO, the dealer should have replaced both the RMS and the IMS bearing at the same time.

Q1: It's doubtful that the IMS leak is caused by not replacing the bolts.

Q2: I'm not sure. There are two ways for an IMS to leak - the flange seals leak or there is leakage around the center stud

Q3: According to my local dealer, a leaking IMS bearing can be an early sign of an IMS failure.

Q4: I would recommend the following. First, I would tell the dealer they misdiagnosed the problem the first time and should have replaced both the RMS and the IMS bearing. Given the oil and dirt on the IMS flange, there is no way to conclude that the IMS wasn't leaking then. As a compromise, I would offer to pay for new parts only. Second, I would replace the entire IMS bearing. I've never heard of replacing just an IMS seal. More importantly, if the internal IMS bearing seal is leaking, the bearing is losing lubrication and being damaged already. It's time to get the old bearing out of the car. Replacing a seal only is short sighted. Third, if the dealer won't install the IMS Solution, I would ask then to install the IMS Retrofit. Fourth, if the dealer won't do my first three suggestions, I would take the car (tow it) to another Porsche dealer or an independent repair shop and get the work done there. Bottom line - if the IMS is leaking, get it replaced ASAP without starting the engine again.

Hope this helps...

PS: Brad is right about many Porsche dealers. In the San Francisco area, however, one dealer at least installs the IMS Retrofit as a fix to IMS problems. So it's worth asking.

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