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Laredo, you are right - Porsche will not install the IMS solution, or any other IMS bearing replacement. The current photos do not seem to show any significant leakage around the IMS bearing cover, although there were some signs of that in the original photo (#2). Of course one cannot say with certainty that the leakage around the IMS was caused by it, albeit contributed to by the RMS, or whether it was solely from the RMS. However, common sense dictates that if leakage from around the IMS showed up again within 2 weeks, they obviously misdiagnosed the problem as they ASSUMED it was only the RMS and replaced only the same.

As I understand it, Porsche will only replace the IMS bearing with the shaft and this requires disassembly of the entire engine. VERY EXPENSIVE! If you bought it from a Porsche dealership, you may be covered by the class-action settlement, but I suspect that you won't get coverage for much of the repair cost. Maybe, as there is a serious issue about the original diagnosis, you can get Porsche to cover the cost of the second disassembly/diagnosis and then transport the car and engine to an independant to get an LN IMS bearing installed and then everything re-assembled. But if I had leakage from the IMS I would be having the bearing replaced immediately!


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