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Originally Posted by Berty
Its a tough decision. I am looking to get a second hand 987 and also deliberating about the S version over the standard. For me its the difference between about 4K pounds rather than 10k dollars ! I drove a new boxter S 987 and preferred the quality and feel to the grunty roar of the 350Z ,but its only the S version that keeps up with the cheaper 350Z or has the same 6 speed gearbox. I'm not sure if the additional gear helps with economy or is there for acceleration , either way its one more plus for the S in my view.

Not a boxster expert here, still shopping for it actually, but comming from 350Z Touring, yeah it's not as fast (base, S is actually faster than the Z), the 6th gear is really not for economy, when you are on a track, closely spaced gears allow you to drop fewer RPMs when shifting and allow you to keep the car in the sweet spot.
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