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San Rensho- I've never broken an easyout- did you tap it down too hard? I should mention that the age-old method is to drill it out to the TAP DRILL SIZE . Then retap the thread. The remains of the nipple will be just a wire, essentially, and be displaced by the tap. I prefer the method I stated earlier. Once the hole is there the walls are thin enough to bend inward and collapse, leaving the remnants for you to pry or twist out. If an easyout or drill brakes off and you can't get it out than your going to have to get another caliper. A carbide tipped drill would be an option but only if your doing it yourself. I should add that I used to be a machinist a life time ago and that this kind of work was a daily thing for me. I never used those 'easyouts' but they do have their place. Most mechanics are very well versed in these types of repairs but can easily tell the customer that they need a new part, just as well.
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