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My Nipples are corroded


I bought a 2001 Boxster S, and despite not giving this car a thorough inspections (though I am not a mechanic so maybe it wouldn't have helped anyway!), I have been lucky that overall this car is in good shape.

The only issue is the brake lines are nearly all corroding and will need replacing soon.

This means the system will of course need to be bled.

But, the mechanic is telling me that the problem is it looks and feels like all the bleed nipples have corroded into the calipers.
He may be able to free them using tricks like heat etc, but these ones are pretty bad.

There is a risk they will sheer and he does not have the facilities to drill and tap them out.

Just wondering what you thoughts and general advice would be?

I thought I would try some other local porsche specialist mechanics and see if I can find one that can re-tapped and put new nipples in if the olds sheer.

another option (though drastic, maybe) is buy a set of reconditioned calipers, if these sheer - can anyone in the UK recommend reliable caliper suppliers?

This garage as seen this problem before. So the owner went to another 'specialist Porsche mechanic' who did the job, but the car came back pissing out brake fluid!
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