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Originally Posted by BadBoyS
Doc, Adam

great info once again. Is the Giac program something I can buy? I thought about playing with some of the mapping. Mostly I would like to read my own codes and trouble shoot and reset. I have a five years old battery that I am considering changing. I read in the bently book that there might be issues with disconnecting and may need to reset some codes as well as a bunch of other crap Ie window settings and the other list of things. Which brings about another question can I plug one of those cigarette lighter battery backups in and do the battery switch (quickly) with out damaging anything and also not losing power(above issues as well as reseting the radio) . The snow is falling here so Im playing in ther garage alot... THNAKS............................

The GIAC program will need to be installed by a dealer. There are a couple of options, you can find a dealer who is close to you by going to GIAC's website (, or you can pull the ecu yourself, which is easy, and send it into a GIAC dealer and have them benchflash it. The programing is then set, and can not be changed as far as going in and modifying it yourself. There is the option of using a flashswitcher, which allows you to switch back and forth between the performance file and the stock program. When it is in the stock form, the dealer can not see any performance file in the ECU. Garrett with GIAC does the programming, and quite honestly there isn't anyone out there better, so it the files are pretty much tuned to the best you are going to get them.

For reading codes and such, you would need an OBDII reader, which would allow you to read the codes, clear the codes etc. We have a tool made by Baum at the shop, which quite expensive. We also utilize the PST2 which is the software the dealers use, and can do everything from programming keys, to clearing codes, to see what position the cam is at with the variocam systems, etc....quite elaborate.

The only code you may need to reset after pulling the battery would be the radio code. This should be a 4 digit code, found in your radio manual. Once you turn the car on for the first time with the new battery, you just have to punch in the 4 digits on the radio, and it will work again.

I have pulled batteries out of 996's and boxsters, and on occasion it will not ask for the radio code, like the battery was never out of the car. On the last GT700 kit we did on the 996, we had the battery out for at least a day, and somehow it kept the code.
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