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Originally Posted by Blue
In the search of alternative Wheels for the Boxster I noticed an item on ebay that alters your offset and general stud pattern.

However from what I have read recently Porsche do not advise the fittment of spacers on a boxster is this because it can affect the safety, alignment and or camber,etc. Has anyone used these items or have any idea on whether it is a good idea?

Question 2: Also I imagine that the Trunk release on the keyfob is programmable and can be activated using the correct programmer?

Thank you for all replies
Blue, there is a lot of good info on this forum regarding wheel spacers. Do a search above, and you'll find the old threads.

I know Porsche does offer a 5mm spacer for the 987 & 987S.

If you get spacers, make sure you use longer wheel bolts with an anti theft device.
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