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Jerry Seinfeld trivia

Posted on other forums by me

99% of Porsche owners I have chatted with are “Seinfeld” (TV show) fans, myself included.

I watched the show when it was on Sunday nights; remember that Jerry when nobody knew whom Jerry Seinfeld was!!!!

Remember the joke about the canary flying into the mirror before the Seinfeld show?

“Jerry, I know you are on this forum somewhere, under an alias that masks your identity, so beware brother and read what other Porsche owners have to say! To me, you are a hero slash superman, I have watched all your episodes and even bought your CD’s!”

To non-believers, Jerry owns > 20 Porsches, according to rags we read, so this is a perfect forum to engage in Seinfeld trivia.

If nobody cares about this trivia, just let this thread die a natural death, will not hurt my feelings? (maybe Jerry's...probably not )

So who wants to go first? I will kick anyone’s butt with the Seinfeld trivia.

Come on, who's first???????????????????????
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