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Originally Posted by EssexPorsche View Post
Hi Michigan,
I've always been a fan of Poorbys and Chemical guys. I use Poorboys Natty Paste blue, followed by Poorboys black hole to eliminate swirls and usually top it off with jetseal.

However Perfect Lap has given me an alternative regime. I'm always open to new suggestions, especially from dedicated owners and fellow enthusiasts.
I've used those same ones, great products. Keep using them if you feel the intervals you like keeping are not promoting more swirls. The product I recommended merely goes on top as a final 'locking in' touch. Not really a sealant though, just a longevity product of sorts to keep the 10/10's final shine from going to 7/10's to quickly. But the towels are the bigger culprit, from now on the long nap like the Griots blue and green (I'm sure others make a similar towel, probably on Poorboys' site) are the only towel that touch metal, followed by a proper buffing/concourse towel. The typical microfiber towel sold in packs at autostores is now for bumpers, wheels and interior only.
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