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Originally Posted by EssexPorsche View Post
SS, thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into that.
It's actually Midnight Blue metallic (just poor lighting and an iPhone).
The interior is Monople Blue.
I addressed the IMS in January with the LNE retrofit kit, replaced the RMS and clutch at the same time. Flywheel was fine.

I know there will be other things along the way but thats what you get with any 11 year car, albeit with added P-tax.

You may have spotted the exhaust bypass pipes as well.
Similar to Fister for you guys but I found a place close to me in the UK who performed the surgery. The sound it's incredible to be honest.

I have a long wish list of things to do but I have a long time as well. I don't plan on selling.

Thanks everyone for the kind and positive feedback. It makes it all worth while.
Looks lovely, what wax are you using to protect the finish?

Isn't the interior Metropole blue?
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