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Get thee to the clear bra shop.

The previous owner who only logged 9K miles had it done on my car.
Not one paint chip for nearly 6 years until I swapped bumpers.
There were markings on the clear bra but you really didn't notice them since there was
no paint discoloration. I have a body shop close by that does a pretty good of painting the
bumpers cheap. But the next time I have the metal repainted I'm definitely going to have it done again. Judging by the YouTube clips it sounds like a skill worth picking up because the labor rate to do it is kind of high for a basic panel type car like the 986/996. For a car with more intricate lines, cut-outs, ducting certainly not easy.

Car looks great. If you can get FK 425 polymer spray from FinishKare over there I highly recommend it for dark colored cars. Once you've waxed your car with whatever type of wax you like and its dried fully, the 425 spray leaves a teflon finish for the paint which makes it harder for dirt to stick and easier to clean. Once you've run your fingers across the paint you'll know what I'm talking about. I've not seen that property in any other over the counter or boutique brand detail spray. I buy it by the 1 gallon jug from
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