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SS, thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into that.
It's actually Midnight Blue metallic (just poor lighting and an iPhone).
The interior is Monople Blue.
I addressed the IMS in January with the LNE retrofit kit, replaced the RMS and clutch at the same time. Flywheel was fine.

I know there will be other things along the way but thats what you get with any 11 year car, albeit with added P-tax.

You may have spotted the exhaust bypass pipes as well.
Similar to Fister for you guys but I found a place close to me in the UK who performed the surgery. The sound it's incredible to be honest.

I have a long wish list of things to do but I have a long time as well. I don't plan on selling.

Thanks everyone for the kind and positive feedback. It makes it all worth while.
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