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Originally Posted by underDAWG

Hmmm.... I am not sure if you have rebuilt a clutch or manual gear box before. The above does not makes much sense. ..and no punch intended. Sorry.

The clutch (clutch plate) is always engaged either you are in neutral or in gears. The only time the clutch is disengaged is when you depress the clutch pedal. Therefore, this is no chance to increase the seizes that you are talking about.

Have you seen any damage directly resulted from this practice? I would like to know.

Clutch and gearbox are probably the strongest components in a vehicle. They have to be because they have to handle the torque generated by the engine. If another vehicle hits your car hard, the traction of your tires will break before it will damage your tranny. If it indeed damages your tranny, I guess you have more things to worry about than tranny. I hope this will clear up somewhat.


OK... Let's see...I have totally rebuilt and restored numerous of my own Cars - 1963 Jaguar E-Type (Engine and Tranny), 1959 Triumph TR3 (Engine and Tranny), 1962 Volkswagen Beetle, 1966 Mustang Fastback Hi-Per (Engine and Tranny), 1969 Lotus Elan SE Twin Cam (Engine and Tranny), 1970 Lotus Europa Twin Cam Special (Engine and Tranny), 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit (Engine and Tranny). And these are just my personal Cars. I did all the work except the requisite Machining. And 2 of these Cars went on to become National Concours d' Elegance Winners and have all seen Track Time.

In addition to this, I maintain and run my own Formula Vee Car in SCCA Club Events and have helped Friends rebuild 6 more Lotus Esprits, a 1968 Lotus Elan+2, a '69 Corvette 454, a '70 Buick Gran Sport Stage 1 455, and have built both a Birkin Seven and a Caterham Seven.

4 years ago, just for ********************s and Giggles, I went to school and earned an ASE Automotive Technician Certification. Oh, and somewhat relevant, but perhaps unrelated, I hold an SCCA National Competition License and am a former US Navy Certified Test Pilot. I also have an MS in Materials Science and an BS and an MS in Aeronautical Engineering.

So, perhaps you are correct, I may be a little limited in my knowledge and experience compared to some.

If you leave the Car in Gear, you can quite easily cause damage to the Drivetrain if the Car is struck. You are correct that the Clutch is engaged except for when the Pedal is depressed, but I was referring mostly to the linkage, you simply put greater emphasis on the Clutch which leads me to believe that perhaps it is you who don't fully understand the concepts here...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

PS So far as having seen a Rear Impact damage the Drivetrain which was in Gear - YES - A friend's Esprit was bumped rather mildly in a Parking Lot. The sudden jolt to the Drivetrain broke a Tranny Mount and shattered the Pilot Bearing from the Primary Shaft to the Crank. We had to rebuild the Bottom end after pulling the Crank to have the receiver machined and an insert pressed into the Crank to accept a new Pilot Bearing. Cost - $850 Parts and 22 MH Labor, in addition to a new Rear Valence and Paint (which would have been required anyway from the impact)

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