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Originally Posted by underDAWG
The clutch (clutch plate) is always engaged either you are in neutral or in gears. The only time the clutch is disengaged is when you depress the clutch pedal. Therefore, this is no chance to increase the seizes that you are talking about.
I think Jim is talking about the fact that if the car sits for a long period of time (say a couple of weeks or months) it's possible for the gears to fuse if any type of corrosion occurs inside the gear box. The fact that the pressure plate is pushing the gears together in the same spot for a long period of time combined with condensation would give it that chance. I never think about this because I live where we can drive it all year long every day so that's not a problem, but I can see how it could happen if you store it or only drive it occasionally.

Originally Posted by olly986
it seems that all the post cover the issue, switch on and drive away slowly until warm, by the way this applies to every vehicles.
on switching off i would recommend to leave the car idling a little especially after tracking or hard driving, i had a flood coming from the engine once while tracking because i switch the car off immediatelly, apparently there is an overflow for the coolant and with the pressure it just open and run out, any ideas on this subject?
Tracking's a different issue. The engine gets so hot you should let it cool down some by idling so all of the fans are still running until the engine gets back down to normal temp. Same thing if you're in the upper end of the temp scale when driving. If the engine is really hot and you just shut down, all of the heat builds up and has nothing pushing it out so you can cause blown hoses, cracked coolant reservoir, etc.
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