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THANKS for the input and insight!!!

- I am worried about the 3rd gear syncro, but am hoping to manage it and worse case would not consider a rebuild "catastrophic"

- The suspension is fresh, need to check the bushings closer next time I get the chance

- The coils are original and show some minor cracks, fingers crossed until I replace then with the next set of plugs

- Was not expecting to change the radiators. They look dirty but I am not sure if they are original. Runs about the expected temperature, though I am concerning going into my first Arizona summer

- For the engine I am more worried about the value train than the IMS and would consider some maintenance...but given the mileage that's a tough risk/reward tradoff. Would an oil analysis give me more specific insight into possible valve train (or other engine) wear?

- The only maintenance information I have is from the carfax and calling the shops listed. It is pretty clear the oil was changed very frequently (1,500 to 2,500) until the last few years of the final owner.

Thanks again!
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